The Picasso project hosts a conference in Valencia on the application of new technologies to maritime safety

The European project, Picasso, held a conference 22 October  in Valencia, titled “Maritime and Port Sector 4.0: How new technologies pave the way for safer oceans”. This event was organized by Fundación Valenciaport, Salvamento Marítimo (The Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency) and Magellan.

This Open Day  —organised within the framework of the mid-term conference—took place at the facilities of the Innsomnia innovation hub. Over the course of the morning, the major developments of the Picasso project were presented, along with different aspects of the present and future application of new technologies to maritime and port safety.

The presentations addressed the following developments: autonomous ships, autonomous surveillance platforms and underwater vision technologies (all of which are hardware advances); as well as augmented reality, virtual reality and an automatic man overboard detection system (software advances).

The conference was attended by around 80 representatives of different companies as well as national and international organizations connected to the maritime and port sector. The event was brought to a close by Capt. José Larangeira Anselmo, former advisor to the European Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea (MoS), Brian Simpson.


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