Expected results


Picasso scope covers the development and implantation of the following eight technologies or knowledge solutions for enhancing safety and security in the maritime domain:

1.1. A technological solution based on remotely controlled devices and vehicles able to monitor in real time all port safety events

1.2. A middleware development to provide a functional set of application programming interfaces enabling more efficient ship to shore communications;

2.1. A pilot on the use of technology for monitoring passengers’ movement in the port, as well as the integration of security checks to minimise time and disruption to passengers;

2.2. Mass evacuation during Maltese Presidency in the EU council

3.1. An innovative detection system that allows SAR teams to detect people in water, small dimension hazards or spills in case of pollution, beyond the human eye;

3.2. IT Tools for safety and advanced SAR missions training (Serious Games)

3.3. Port Emergency simulation management training course

3.4Advanced port fire fighters course