The Jovellanos Centre hosts a workshop on firefighting on board ships

The Maritime Safety Training Centre Jovellanos, belonging to the National Agency for Maritime Safety and Rescue (SASEMAR), hosts today the theoretical and practical workshop “Advanced port firefighting”, framed into the European project Picasso, led and coordinated by SASEMAR .

The aim of this workshop is to know and practice the techniques to be used in case of a firefighting intervention to extinguish a fire on board a vessel, both alongside iin the port or at sea in open waters-

The lack of specific procedures for the firefighting services of the coastal communities to be used in this type of interventions, together with the special features of the fires in ships, underlines the importance and need of these workshops in Spain.

International dimension

International experts coming from Holland, Sweden, France and Portugal participate in this workshop and share experience and knowledge with experts from SASEMAR, the Spanish Navy, Gijón firefighters and the Spanish Red Cross, among other participating organizations and companies.

Besides, this workshop will pave the ground for an important course that the Jovellanos Centre will deliver in a near future to the firefighters of Leixoes and Viana de Castelo (Portugal) in its facilities of Veranes, also under the umbrella of the Picasso project.









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