Kick off meeting in Brussels

The European funded Picasso project has taken off with a goal in mind: a modern maritime sector with a capable and up-to-date work force that enables the sector to be greener, safer and more efficient.

The Picasso project´s kick-off meeting, where the main pillars of the project were presented, took place on the 10 th of November 2016 in Brussels.

The goal of the project is to improve maritime safety and security through training and new technologies. It is coordinated by the Spanish Maritime Safety Agency (Sasemar), Picasso consists of a consortium of 14 partners from 9 different countries.

On the long term Picasso will create a more sustainable shipping industry by reducing the environmental impact and improving safety and efficiency.

What does Picasso mean? The name, not only reminds us of the remarkable painter from Malaga. It is an acronym that describes the project´s goal: Preventing incidents and accidents for safer ships in the Oceans.

The project, launched in May 2016, has a 3,8 million EUR budget and it contributes to the global framework of the EU maritime transport policy and to Motorways of the Sea objectives.